Security Policy

All credit transactions occur in a secure area of our site, to protect you from any loss, misuse or alteration of information collected. If that security were ever breached, it would cost you nothing — so you can buy online with confidence.
For your protection, is certified by VeriSign.This is your assurance that our site is authentic and that we're employing SSL security. You can check this security protection setting within your browser. To view our VeriSign certificate, click on the image of the closed lock or the solid key at the bottom of your browser. Our site security information will appear. For more information, contact your browser's publisher. Your account information and order history are kept safely behind our firewall on separate servers so you never need to worry about hackers. All transaction information is processed under encrypted channels. To be sure you have the most protection available, be sure to download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer(We recommend using IE 7 or higher). In addition, access to your personal information is restricted within our company to provide maximum security.